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Coronavirus / Keeping Shetland clean during the pandemic

As part of our Covid-19 coverage we are asking our readers to contribute short personal, reflective pieces that touch on the many aspects of living through these unprecedented times.

Kerry (left) and Martha Deyell are busy cleaning roadside verges.

WHO SAYS Da Voar Redd Up has been cancelled? More and more people are using their daily exercise allocation to do something practical and clean up roadside verges and the countryside more generally.

Lerwick lasses Martha, aged 12, and seven-year-old Kerry Deyell, were out around Burnbank, Wista and Hoofields on Thursday to do their bit to keep Shetland clean while keeping to the social distancing rules.

They got lots of waves from people, passers-by shouted well done to them and people tooted their horns.

Meanwhile Wendy Nicol of Frakkafield said she was appalled when out for a walk with her family to find 19 used disposable gloves in a lay-by on the A970 at the turnoff to the wind turbines at Dale, just north of Lerwick.

“Luckily there was also a plastic ‘bag for life’ nearby, so we gathered all the gloves and as much of the other bruck (glass and plastic bottles and tins) as we could fit in. We couldn’t manage it all this time,” she said.

“Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident; there were also a number of disposable gloves at the Brig o’ Fitch.

“As well as being an eyesore, some animals might try to eat the gloves, with lethal consequences.

Please feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts and experiences of what challenges life throws at you right now.

How do you cope with self-isolation, being unable to go to work or see friends, with home education, with loneliness? And what do you do to counter it? Start an Open University course, go through all those family photos or spend more time with friends online?

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