Community / Da Voar Redd Up postponed

Photo: Shetland Amenity Trust

DA VOAR Redd Up has now formally been postponed, with a clean-up potentially being held later in the year instead.

The annual event was due to take place in late April, but the hope now is to have it in the autumn.

The community clean-up is the latest event to fall foul of the coronavirus outbreak.


It was estimated that 4,500 people would have been involved in the spring redd up, which is in its 33rd year.

Organiser Shetland Amenity Trust is still encouraging people to pick up litter whilst they are out and about.

Head of engagement Sandy Middleton said: “We are very sorry to have to postpone the Redd Up this year but it is the only responsible thing for us to do.

“Our team had already put a lot of work into planning this year’s event but with the restrictions on movement rightly increasing, it became clear that we would have to postpone.


“There are lots of people who regularly pick up rubbish from our beaches throughout the year and we hope this will continue, as long as it is in line with government guidance on social distancing.”

She added that the trust is encouraging folk to pick up at least three pieces of litter each time they go out for a walk.

“If each person collects this small amount of rubbish then over time it should make a significant difference,” Middleton said.

The ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ is a global campaign encouraging people to collect at least three pieces of rubbish each time they visit a beach, waterway or anywhere they find litter.

There is a similar campaign in Orkney called ‘Pick Up 3’.

The Amenity Trust is encouraging people to get involved and to share their results and any interesting finds with them via the Dunna Chuck Bruck social media pages.