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Coronavirus / Ambulance worker gets help from well-known dogs for educational video about coronavirus

A LOCAL ambulance technician has enlisted the help of her seven well-known dogs for an educational video about Covid-19 in a bid to explain more about the virus and encourage people to socially distance.

Kaylee Garrick, whose photo-friendly dogs have received widespread coverage on the likes of national TV show BBC Breakfast, went in front of the camera alongside her pooches to dispel some myths about coronavirus.

The Peaky Blinders-inspired video, which sees her dogs receive a lecture on the subject, also explains what the virus is, how it is spread and the ways it can affect the body.

“I was encouraged to do the video for two reasons – to help encourage the public to stay inside, and protect them from harm caused by fake rumours,” Garrick said.

She said she has been “absolutely overwhelmed by the number of silly posts” circulating online about how to combat the virus.

“The worst one lately being that if you drink bleach it will help to kill it off,” Garrick continued.

“People are clearly scared, and are desperate for a cure. But truth be told, there is only one cure – your own immune system. And there’s only one true way to stop it – stay inside.”

We've been asked by a few people now to do our own version of a public information announcement on the corona virus – so…

Posted by Fenton Goes Forth on Friday, 3 April 2020

Garrick added that she cannot understand why some people are treating social isolation “as if it was a holiday”.

“Maybe if people were seeing what I saw, they’d change their mind and think twice about meeting up with friends,” she said.

“You’re being asked to chill at home…it’s not difficult. So the video was intended to literally spell this out in black and white. The dogs have always been good at drawing the public’s attention and I find that humour always sticks better than a boring lecture.

“And by the looks of it, people have been learning by what I’ve had to say – I’ve had some great comments from it.”

Last year Garrick also released a video featuring her dogs to encourage people to learn the basics of CPR.

For the latest advice on coronavirus visit the NHS Inform website.