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Brexit / SIC puts Brexit preparation funding towards emergency planning

SHETLAND Islands Council (SIC) is using £50,000 of funding given out by the Scottish Government to help local authorities prepare for Brexit to provide additional resource for its emergency planning team.

Each local authority in Scotland has received the funding, bringing the total outlay across the country to £1.6 million.

SIC chief executive Maggie Sandison. Photo: Shetland NewsSIC chief executive Maggie Sandison. Photo: Shetland News

SIC chief executive Maggie Sandison said the money would be used as the council continues to engage in resilience meetings.

“We are using the funding to provide additional resource to the emergency planning function due to the amount of local, regional and national planning and resilience meetings we are engaged in around Brexit and the resourcing of the associated reporting regimes,” she said.

Scottish councils are also able to submit business cases for further funding on top of the £50,000.

Sandison confirmed that the SIC is contemplating bidding for money to help with issues surrounding food exportation, with an anticipated increase in demand for health certificates.

“We are currently exploring whether we will need to submit information to support a bid for additional funding to deal with the increase in demand for the issue of export health certificates and official controls for food export,” she said.

“This would include the cost of training and employing additional staff, overtime, travel costs etc.”