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Letters / Urgent need for local energy strategy

We are now in the position that SSE, the UK electricity generating giant, and Statkraft, the Norwegian state-owned power giant, are attempting to drive Shetland’s power strategy.

SSE has only its shareholders interests at heart, and Statkraft presumably has only the interests of the state of Norway. The conflict with the interests of Shetland, and the Shetland people, are surely obvious to everyone.

The time has come when Shetland needs to determine a sensible strategy, using all renewable solutions, onshore and offshore, for the future needs of Shetland.

It would be wonderful if Shetland could become self-sufficient, with reduced energy costs for the residents, without the need to turn mainland Shetland and Yell into industrialised wind farms.

I implore SIC to create a subcommittee, using whatever external resources are necessary, to develop a pragmatic strategy, that all of Shetland could get behind.

I have already raised this concern with our new MSP, but have not received a reply.

Alan Skinner