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Letters / People changing their views on Viking

Here we go! The profit motivated and environmentally destructive wind farm racketeers start to lay out their hidden agenda and true objectives (Wind developer lobbies for larger interconnector; SN, 21 August 2019).

Those of us against Viking Energy’s habitat destroying industrial development with their grossly inappropriate and environmental madness never imagined until recently just how destructive their greedy ambitions would turn out.

Now we start to see the ultimate aim: to blanket cover Shetland in industrial monsters from Sumburgh to Skaw and Waas to Gletness, leaving every man, woman, child, sheep dog and pony under the shadow of slashing turbine blades and hundreds of miles of concrete tracks, turbine bases and quarry holes all over Shetland’s hills.

It’s easy to see why so many folk who were originally in favour of the development, or possibly not thinking seriously of the final outcome, are changing their minds and joining the growing band of folk who would now like to see it stopped before anymore damage is done.

A friend who was in favour of this disaster until recently had the opinion that so much money had been spent (I prefer wasted) on the project that it was perhaps too late to kill it, but recent news from King Boris Of England’s camp in London on the very possible cancellation of further HS2 work which runs into billions brings fresh hopes to all who don’t want our isles to be ruined for profit.

Vic Thomas