Transport Information


Loganair arrival flights to Sumburgh are displayed below.

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
  • LM86625th Feb 14:15AberdeenLanded 14:26
  • LM07625th Feb 15:45AberdeenLanded 15:29
  • LM07825th Feb 17:10KirkwallLanded 16:43
  • LM86825th Feb 17:30AberdeenLanded 17:29
  • LM13725th Feb 19:00InvernessLanded 18:45
  • LM07026th Feb 07:55Aberdeen
  • LM86226th Feb 07:55Aberdeen
  • LM90126th Feb 08:00Aberdeen
  • LM86426th Feb 11:00Aberdeen
  • LM90326th Feb 11:15Aberdeen
  • LM86626th Feb 14:15Aberdeen
  • LM07826th Feb 17:10Kirkwall
  • LM86826th Feb 17:30Aberdeen


Loganair departure flights from Sumburgh are displayed below.

Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
  • LM86725th Feb 14:45AberdeenDeparted at 15:23
  • LM90625th Feb 15:15AberdeenDeparted at 15:43
  • LM07925th Feb 17:30KirkwallDeparted at 17:32
  • LM86925th Feb 18:00AberdeenDeparted at 19:15
  • LM86326th Feb 08:15Aberdeen
  • LM07126th Feb 08:30Aberdeen
  • LM86526th Feb 11:30Aberdeen
  • LM90426th Feb 12:00Aberdeen
  • LM86726th Feb 14:45Aberdeen
  • LM90626th Feb 15:15Aberdeen
  • LM07926th Feb 17:30Kirkwall
  • LM86926th Feb 18:00Aberdeen


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