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Community / Junior Up Helly Aa opens to boys outside Lerwick
Viewpoint / Everyone is entitled to equal rightsI often delight in boring my students with the unique social, cultural and political status of Shetland, but the debate around (Lerwick) Up Helly Aa leaves me feeling ashamed, writes former Brae resident Karl Johnson.
Letters / Preparing for the future in a changing world (Up Helly Aa)
Viewpoint / Women are a major part of Up Helly Aa‘We are not adverse to change because of gender issues. We oppose it because Up Helly Aa is part of our culture and heritage and we love it the way it is’, writes Linda Hughson.
Letters / Unauthorised absence?
Letters / What on earth are they afraid of?
SCT - charitable organisations 23/24 budget
News round-up / Only boys allowed in Junior Up Helly Aa, Museum farewells
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