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Also in the news / Speed bumps removed, Yell Sound disruption, plant sale for Ukraine, and more …

The Knab Road speed bumps have been removed. Photo: Mara Lise Nicolson Riddell

THE SPEED bumps on Knab Road in Lerwick have been removed “for the time being” but might be re-instated once the development of the former Anderson High School site is complete.

A spokesperson for the SIC said the traffic calming measures, introduced as part of 20 mph speed limits at Shetland’s schools, is no longer required.

“This will facilitate the demolition of the former Anderson High School as Knab Road is on the route to and from the school for the associated HGV traffic,” a council spokesperson said.

“There may be a need for traffic calming on Knab Road in future, depending on how the former school site is developed.

“Should there be a need for traffic calming then it is likely that the speed cushions would be reinstated after construction is complete.”

FERRY services on Yell Sound are once again affected by crew shortages.

The service has been reduced to single vessel only as of 4pm on Monday.

All bookings are suspended until 6pm.

MORE than £1,300 was raised for the Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal  at Bressay’s annual plant sale on Sunday.

In just two hours the event, held in conjunction with Bressay Sunday teas, raised more than twice last year’s total – from the sale of plants, bulbs, seedlings, cuttings and garden bric-a-brac.

Hall committee chair Roddy Christie Henry said he wanted to thank everybody who had help make the event a success.

“It’s really heartening that an island of only 360 people can make a contribution like this to lessen the suffering of the Ukrainian refugees,” he said.

SHETLAND Islands Council is to provide all local schools with a ‘Kitbag’ resource to help pupils’ capacity for mindfulness and reflection.

Kitbag has been developed by the charity International Futures Forum based in Fife, containing multi-sensory resources to help develop young people’s sense of calm, resilience and compassion.

Kitbag has already been used in some schools in Shetland and over the next few weeks, every school in Shetland will receive a Kitbag along with training for staff.

Principal educational psychologist communities Rhonda Simpson said: “We have used Kitbag very successfully and look forward to developing and extending its use across Shetland’s schools and beyond for the benefit of more children and young people”.