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Emergency services / Swan crew helps with lifeboat towing exercise

Photo: Justin Rhodes

LERWICK lifeboat has confirmed that last night’s tow of the historic sailing boat Swan was an exercise and not an emergency.

The tow-in sparked a lot of interest around LerwickHarbour last night.

In a message on social media the crew of the lifeboat thanked Swan skipper Maggie Adamson for helping in the training exercise.

“It’s been valuable experience for own crew, attaching lines, taking her under tow and bringing her safely alongside in Lerwick harbour.

“At 67-feet long, the Swan is longer than out 55-feet Severn-class lifeboat and is also considerably heavier, with deeper draft too, and took some gentle handling to bring her back to berth.

“Skipper on the Swan, Maggie Adamson, is also on our lifeboat crew and we’re pleased that she was able to help to coordinate tonight’s (Monday) exercise.”

Thanks for to our readers for alerting us and sending in photos of the 120-year-old former herring drifter being brought back alongside.

The Swan alongside Alexandra Wharf. Photo: Sharon Jack.

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