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Letters / No need for a Shetland Tariff

Those of us in fuel poverty will be greatly heartened by the recent advice from Shetland’s main electricity supplier SSE/OVO.

Their long list of energy saving tips to save on heating bills and keep warm this winter include having:

‘a cuddle with your pets and loved ones to stay warm’
‘a hula-hoop contest with your children’
‘hearty bowls of porridge’
‘only non-alcoholic drinks’.


‘doing star jumps’
‘keeping the oven open after cooking’
‘opening the curtains to let the sunshine heat the house naturally’
‘eating ginger’
‘avoiding chilli as it makes you sweat’
‘wearing extra clothes and Merino-wool socks’.

With a sharing, caring, energy provider like SSE/OVO there is clearly no need for our politicians and councillors to cry in the wilderness for a ‘Shetland Tariff’.

Allen Fraser