Politics / Michaela and John confirmed as new MSYPs

Shetland's new MSYPs John Fraser and Michaela Christie.Photos: SIC

MICHAELA Christie, from Bigton, and John Fraser, from Cunningsburgh, have been confirmed as Shetland’s two new members of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

The two teenagers have been returned unopposed after other potential candidates withdrew their interest prior to election.

They will replace Jonathan Dorrat and Leighton Anderson as the isles’ MSYP after their term of office have come to an end.


Shetland Islands Council’s youth election coordinator Martin Summers said that this was the second time that MSYPs have been appointed without an election since the youth parliament was established over twenty years ago.

Fourteen-year-old John Fraser said he will be speaking on issues important to the health and wellbeing of young people.

“I will try my best to improve life chances of young people in Shetland. I want young people to feel their views are just as important as any other age group.”

Michaela, aged 15, added: “I would like to see leisure and sport more affordable for young people across Shetland so that everyone can access a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

“I have been involved with a range of sports my whole life and know just how expensive they can be.  With the support of Shetland’s young people, I plan to try to work with local organisations to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to be active.”

The Scottish Youth Parliament provides a national platform for young people to discuss and campaign on issues that are important to them.  Michaela and John will serve as members until November 2023.