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Education / Cashless catering to be in place at Anderson by August

Photo: Shetland News

A COMMITMENT has been made that a cashless payment system will be ready to go at the Anderson High School by August next year.

Children’s services director Helen Budge made the pledge at a council meeting on Monday.

The matter has been long-standing and has caused concern among parents and councillors alike.

Unlike some other schools, people receiving free school meals at the Anderson use a card while others pay by cash.

There are worries that this increases stigma and may put families off from applying for free school meals.

Budge said the plan is to allow plenty of time to train staff in how to use the new system, although “many of my officers would like to see it in place ahead of August 2022”.

She is having monthly meetings on the matter.

The matter was raised at the education and families committee on Monday by town councillor Peter Campbell.

A report to members said that £50,000 of underspend in the education department, which is in part due to vacancies, will be used on a cashless catering system in the school meals service.