Police / More than 30 suspected drugs packages intercepted by police in post in October

Photo: Shetland News

A TOTAL of 33 suspected drugs packages coming into Shetland in the postal system were intercepted by police last month.

Police are unable to say at this stage what the value of the possible drugs is.

Sergeant Alan Patrick gave the update at a meeting of Lerwick Community Council on Monday night.


Patrick said police would not have a firm value of drugs until more work has been carried out by officers on the mainland.

He said any quantity of drugs would be seized.

Drugs coming into Shetland’s postal system has been a focus of the police in recent times – particularly due to travel being shut off during the pandemic.

Shetland’s former area commander Lindsay Tulloch said earlier this year that the use of the postal system had become more frequent for dealers.

Local charity Dogs Against Drugs is also heavily involved in screening packages.

Tulloch’s replacement chief inspector Paul Daley said this summer that the police were removing packages “very, very regularly from the post office”.

But he said the “police force alone can’t stop drugs coming into the isles, we need intelligence and information coming in; that is the lifeblood of good community policing”.