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Coronavirus / Local Covid figures continue to decrease

THE NUMBER of reported Covid cases for Shetland appears to be coming down in line with trends seen across Scotland.

Over the last two days seven new cases were added to the local tally; there were 49 cases over the last seven days.

However, infection rates across Scotland are still significantly higher – 598 per 100,000 population over seven days (Shetland: 214) – than in many European countries (EU:171).

Yesterday (Thursday), no Scottish figures were reported due to a technical glitch at Public Health Scotland. Those issue have now been resolved.

Interim director for public health at NHS Shetland Dr Susan Laidlaw said it was inevitable that Shetland would see a steady flow of new cases.

“We continue to see the same pattern with cases spread across Shetland and including people in different age groups,” she said.

“Those reported recently are linked to travel to the Scottish mainland or are contacts of people who have travelled south.

“With restrictions easing, it is inevitable there will be more cases as people move back and forth.

“We are now preparing for the next phase in the Covid vaccination rollout which will run alongside the seasonal flu vaccination programme.”