Transport / Electricians too busy to find the time to connect new speed limit cameras

Cllr McGregor repeats calls for speed limits on Quarff and Cunningsburgh

DELAYS in connecting cameras that have been installed at Lerwick and Tresta as part of speed reduction trials are largely due to the unavailability of suitably qualified electricians.

ZetTrans transport policy and project officer Robina Barton told a meeting of the Shetland transport partnership on Thursday that “the people that are needed to do this are busy with the Viking Energy project”.


Her remarks came in response to yet another appeal by ZetTrans vice chairman Robbie McGregor for the introduction of speed limits in Quarff and Cunningsburgh.

SNP councillor Robbie McGregor.

The South Mainland councillor said it was unacceptable that people were able to legally drive through Quarff at 60 mph when “our bairns were getting off the school bus”.

McGregor, who lives in Quarff, also suggested more passing places on single track roads to allow pedestrians “refuge” from passing traffic.

“I feel extremely strongly on these matters and can only repeat that I will return to them at every possible opportunity,” he said.


Barton responded that once the planned trials are under way in Tresta and Lerwick, ZetTrans will be able to look at other locations across Shetland.

“We have these cameras now and once we have done some work in Tresta and Lerwick, we can start thinking about trialling speed limit reductions with them in other parts of Shetland,” she said.

“ZetTrans is keen to pursue trials in other parts of Shetland and we are very aware that there are people asking for these.”

She added that it was for the roads department to respond to the suggestion of providing passing places for pedestrians to get off the road in the short term.