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Community / Craig’s homemade bar is anything but run-of-the-‘Mill’

Craig enjoying a drink in his shed-turned-bar.

IT is certainly a lockdown project with a difference – kitting out your shed with a fully-stocked bar, complete with pool table and seating.

That is exactly what Craig Sim from Weisdale has done, transforming his outbuilding into the Mill Tavern with some help along the way.

It is a nod to his house name, which is located near the Weisdale Mill.

Although the pandemic offered Sim more time to get started on the project, it has been a long-held ambition since moving to his house around ten years ago.

The ‘tavern’ comes complete with an impressive, traditional looking wooden bar crafted by Sim himself from odds and ends which bathes in the glow of hung lighting.

Over the years graphic designer Craig has sourced items with up-cycling potential, and second hand furniture.

“I had the shed lined out and insulated professionally this year as it was needed to make the shed more suitable for storing tools and vehicles,” he said.

“The shed had to remain functional as a workshop. I had some friends and family help with some of the other parts of the workshop, including heavy lifting.

“When it came to the bar, I decided to try to complete it myself, mainly because I knew my idea was totally over the top for a shed bar, and any sensible person would persuade me to do something more simple.

“I had a specific idea in my head that I wanted it to look like – a proper old style bar, and had various old panelled wood doors, kitchen wall cabinets, and other bits I hoped might work.

“The Cope scrap store was a frequent stop for me during the build and I got lots of the bits for building the bar from there. The traditional style Mill Tavern bar mirror was something I was keen to try and make, luckily given my job I was able to complete it myself at Artmachine.”

There are a few beer taps on the bar, but they are purely decorative – for now.

“I’d love to get a proper keg or two on the go if it’s practical in the future to do so,” Sim said.