Community / Amenity trust agrees to another interim arrangement

SHETLAND Amenity Trust has decided not to recruit a permanent chief executive for the time being and have instead taken on Hazel Sutherland on an interim and part-time basis.

Sutherland is a former head of finance and executive director for education and social care with the SIC, and head of planning and modernisation at NHS Shetland.


The post of chief executive became vacant just before Christmas last year when Mat Roberts stepped down from the role with immediate effect and without explanation.

Since then the position has been filled on an interim arrangement by head of engagement Sandy Middleton.

In a short statement she said: “Trustees have made the decision not to recruit a permanent CEO at this time but rather to bring in additional support to the existing team on an interim basis.

“Hazel Sutherland has been in post for a number of weeks and will be with us for a short fixed term period only.”

Trust chairman Alastair Hamilton said he was not in a position give more details other than saying that Sutherland was brought in to help the trust “through the current situation”.

The trust, which looks after Shetland cultural and natural heritage, continues to grapple with significant financial, administrative and organisational difficulties.

Last year, the trust reported a surplus in its accounts for the first time in six years.

The 2020/21 accounts will be presented to trustees at an AGM which is scheduled for August.