Election 2021 / Emma Roddick


Emma Roddick

Emma Roddick is a councillor in the Highlands, currently serving as the SNP Group’s Spokesperson for Housing.

She is also a mental health activist, having run several national campaigns to raise awareness and make accessing services easier for those in acute crisis.

Before being elected, she worked in the Scottish Ambulance Service covering the Highlands, Islands, Aberdeen and Grampian.

As a disabled person, she is the SNP’s top list candidate for the Highlands & Islands region.

The full list of regional list candidates for the SNP can be found at: https://www.snp.org/the-snps-candidates-for-the-2021-scottish-parliament-election/

Contact Information
E-mail: emma.roddick.snp@gmail.com
Twitter: @Emma_Roddick
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EmmaRoddickSNP


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