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Sandra Skinner
Sandra Skinner

Spending my formative years in Lanarkshire I left school at sixteen to work in retail and hospitality.

As a mature student, in 1989 I graduated from Glasgow University with a BEng Engineering before moving to Easter Ross. I subsequently completed LLM Construction Law at Strathclyde University while at home with my young children.
During my twenty-year career in the Offshore Fabrication Industry, both UK & overseas, I successfully executed a variety of senior roles within this male-dominated industry in some challenging environments. This provided invaluable professional, personal and cultural experiences.

Since returning home I have been an active community volunteer and supported local salmon fishermen following the Scottish Government’s ban on the centuries-old tradition of coastal salmon-netting.

Why Reform UK Scotland?
Recently in Holyrood we heard claims of malicious prosecutions; abuse of state power; misuse of public funds; corruption at the heart of government and a parliament so broken it doesn’t even know when it is being lied to.

It is clear, our Parliament is not functioning as anticipated, Reform is needed and we are the only party offering it!

We have lived with the threat of disease since the beginning of time and moving forward, we must adopt a less damaging more proportionate approach to dealing with Covid.

MSPs from all parties supported the continuation of this damaging lockdown, for which they must accept full responsibility for any adverse economic, social and health consequences.

Our children will disproportionately suffer through lost education, missed employment opportunities and the massive debt they will inherit! Reform UK Scotland advocate an immediate return to normal social activities and full-time, mask-free, education for children of all ages.

Moving out of lockdown it is essential we support our businesses and provide the confidence they need moving forward. No More Lockdowns!

Economic Recovery
Pre-Covid, Scotland’s economy had stagnated for many years. As we move into an economically challenging post-Covid recovery, politicians must recognise ‘more of the same’ just won’t do!

It’s time we look to deliver that promised ‘second industrial revolution’. The UK Government poured billions into renewable projects and our Scottish Government millions into Scottish businesses to facilitate their readiness to benefit from renewable contracts.

In reality, Scotland secured only six per cent of the jobs from these projects, as our yards fought for the ‘crumbs’, the rest sailed off into the sunset! It’s surely time the taxpayer sees a fair return on that investment eg the skilled, well-paying fabrication jobs stay local?

Farming and Fishing
Let’s harness the growth opportunities Brexit offers our farming and fishing communities. Leaving the CAP provides an opportunity to produce policies that better reflect our unique agricultural conditions. Supporting our fishing industry through this difficult transition and ensuring appropriate frameworks are developed to facilitate effective international market expansion.

Michelle Ballantyne: “Unionists and Nationalists can and must come together now for the shared goal of rebuilding Scotland.

“Reform UK Scotland will champion personal choice, community response and local networks. Our policies will reflect these values and respect the basic rights of freedom of thought, speech and worship.”

Contact Information,
Twitter: @SandraS23557245
Email: sandra.skinner.reform@gmail.com


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