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Environment / Attenborough documentary encourages bakery to ditch palm oil

A NEW David Attenborough nature documentary has encouraged a Westside bakery to stop using palm oil in its loaves of bread.

Waas Bakery manager Mark Anderson said the decision was made after watching A Life on Our Planet.

When produced in an unsustainable manner palm oil can cause considerable damage to tropical forests and wildlife habitats through deforestation.

“After seeing the latest David Attenborough documentary and seeing the unbelievable destruction being done to the rainforests to grow this product, the team here at the bakery decided that it was about time that we did our bit, no matter how small, to improve this situation,” Anderson said.

The bakery has adjusted its recipes so that all of the loaves it produces, including white, wholemeal and granary, are now free of palm oil.

Its artisan breads, which include sourdough, puckle and brown loaves, already contained no palm oil.

“One thing that has become apparent during this process is how much palm oil has become an integral part of the food industry,” Anderson added.

“As such it may take some time to completely eradicate it from our production altogether. However, it is something we are totally committed to.”

Waas Bakery was established in 1983 and has been well known for its artisan breads, oatcakes and shortbread.

The bakery still remains on the market, with the business coming with a price tag of £375,000.