CAB - 7 Oct 2020 - 10 Oct 2020 - Advice

Coronavirus / Creating a ‘clean sheet’ after lockdown

Shetland Cleaning Crew investing in bio fogging to deep-clean local premises

Tracey Leith working with the bio fogging equipment on Tuesday.

AS THE country prepares to come out of lockdown, infection control and the requirement to deep-clean workshops, office spaces and care centres will play a crucial part of dealing with the continued threat of Covid-19.

A Lerwick company is now hoping for full order books after investing in what is believed to be the isles’ first bio fogging machine to deep penetrate and destroy “viruses in all the hard to reach areas”.

Sisters Tracey and Julie Leith of Shetland Cleaning Crew carried out a test run with their new kit earlier this week and reported their delight with the initial results.

“We wanted to have a go with the machine first, and the Lerwick Laundry were kind enough to let us in [on Tuesday] to give us a trial run,” Tracey Leith said.

Using the high level disinfectant Chemgene HLD4H, bio fogging has been reported to kill a wide range of micro organisms and bacteria including MSRA, norovirus, influenza and coronavirus by creating a fine mist which suspends a sanitiser in the air enabling full coverage of all surfaces.

“It gives people a clean sheet to work from,” Tracey said.

She added the process will give people that “extra reassurance that they are meeting every criteria that they possibly can” when it comes to continued infection control as well as when preparing to re-open shops and offices, cafes and restaurants.

“Standard cleaning by hand decontaminates surfaces only – by fogging the rooms required to be sanitised we can provide full decontamination throughout the entire premises,” she said.

The process of fogging takes roughly 20 minutes per room and requires the treated area to be left undisturbed for at least one hour afterwards.

“All our staff are aware of infection control and issued with full PPE (masks, eye protection, gloves and overalls) to protect them and our clients while the work is being undertaken,” Tracey said.