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Court / Court round up – Motoring offences

Lerwick Sheriff CourtLerwick Sheriff Court.

THREE drivers admitted separate offences of driving with no insurance at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

Gordon Alexander Rendall, 27, of Cunningsburgh admitted driving with no insurance on 30 November last year at South Lochside in Lerwick.

He was fined £335 and ordered to pay £20 to the victim surcharge fund and disqualified for six months under the totting up procedure as he already had six points on his licence.

Alasdair Scott, 26, of Bressay, received a discretionary 10 month ban for committing two such offences in little over a month.

Scott was caught by police driving with no insurance at Fjara, Lerwick, on 3 October last year. He was again found driving with no insurance at the Lerwick ferry terminal on 5 November.

Scott was fined £200 for the first offence and £265 for the second and had his licence endorsed on both occasions.

He was warned that his licence will still have five penalty points on it once he completes his ban and re-applies for the licence.

Meanwhile 33-year-old Louisa Jane Newlands, of Herrislea Court, pleaded guilty to driving a car with no insurance at Ladies Drive on 29 August last year.

Newlands was fined £265 and had her licence endorsed with six penalty points.