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Letters / Sand Water industrialisation

I enclose a photo I took earlier this week across Sand Water. It shows two whooper swans with this year’s cygnet.

Bearing in mind whooper swans only breed in nine locations in the UK and are a schedule 1 protected species I hoped you might feature this photograph for public information.

Sand Water is at the very centre of the proposed Viking Energy project, and there is little doubt this area will be industrialised.

Two massive storage compounds are planned, one of six hectares and another of four hectares, plus a new vastly enlarged access road along the side of the loch, all to serve Viking Energy.

Further to that, Sand Water it is to be overshadowed by four turbines towering 250 meters above the water. I believe it is also the proposed site of a massive quarry. It is also an SSSI!

My views on this project are well known, so without political comment I would be most obliged if you could print this photo with the relevant facts outlined, for public information.

Ian Tinkler