By-Election 2019 / Johan Adamson

Scottish Labour

I am Johan Adamson and I am proud to be standing in the Shetland by-election for Scottish Labour and the Co-operative Party. I live in Tingwall with my husband and two lasses on a very small croft where we rent land and stables to a couple of lasses with horses and we also have hens, dogs and cats.

I am standing in this election because I have always loved politics and care about Shetland and about social justice and equality. As an accountant in a local business I bring financial knowledge and experience to the role. I stand up for what I believe in and will be proud to represent here.

Locally my priorities are:

  • Connectivity and transport issues
    • We are all entitled to a berth on an overnight boat to Aberdeen and the total fare should be within reach of all of us
    • HIAL should do away with the parking charges and its plans to centralise air traffic control
    • The government should fully fund council ferry services.
  • Centralisation is leading to depopulation of the Highlands and Islands and we need to have good quality jobs locally. The natural pull to urban centres has been exacerbated by the SNP government. Purchasing products and services locally will stimulate the local economy and help the environment too. The government should:
    • Ensure there is broadband coverage in all areas and decentralise government departments and services;
    • Provide funds for regional regeneration;
    • Support our fishing industry, providing the means to transport our goods to the mainland;
    • Ensure that payments to crofters continue and a better system is introduced to sustain crofting and also to help crofters look after the environment;
    • Allow all public bodies to purchase construction contracts and materials and services locally. This would save money in the regeneration funds. It is becoming increasingly difficult to run a local business and compete with large-scale industry.

I am in favour of remaining in the EU as this is better than any other option currently on offer. Leaving with no deal will destroy crofting as tariffs on our goods will be prohibitive and any delays at ports will render fresh fish unsaleable. We need to remain in the EU and the UK and ensure that we reform relationships with our neighbours.

Nationally my priorities are to:

  • Help Labour to fight to eradicate child poverty;
  • Ensure education works for all our children and for Scotland;
  • Ensure health and social care is fully supported and funded and works for all;
  • Ensure that targets on the environment and climate change are met

I will be able to stand up for what I believe in with the backing of Labour, the largest party in the UK.  Voting for the SNP or the Liberal Democrats will not guarantee support for us or what we hold dear.

Vote for a strong, caring Shetland female Labour voice for the Scottish Parliament so that we can be heard, and our priorities are put on the agenda.

Johan Adamson
Facebook: Johan Adamson for Shetland