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Community / ‘Boisterous’ dogs prompt warning from council

WITH spring seemingly in the air Shetland Islands Council has reminded dog owners to keep their pets in sight and under control, especially in public areas.

The council’s environmental health team has received complaints recently from people who have been approached by “boisterous dogs” at some distance from their owners.

Some animals are said to have caused distress to young children, and there have been reports of dogs attacking and injuring other dogs.

The Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 allows councils to issue ‘control notices’ to owners who don’t keep their dog under control.

Environmental health team leader Patti Dinsdale said: “The majority of owners are responsible and keep their dogs on a lead or close at heel when around other people.

“We’d ask all dog owners to keep their pet in sight and to not let it run free where it could cause fear and alarm to others, particularly where there are children nearby.”

As the lambing and bird nesting season approaches, dog owners should also avoid walking in fields where pregnant ewes or young lambs may be present, or on coastal sites where birds are nesting on the ground.