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News round-up / Police investigate vandalism, air traffic controller strike concern, Faroese crime drama

POLICE in Lerwick are looking for witnesses to come forward after the rear window of a car parked in Goodlad Crescent was smashed at the end of last month.

A spokesman said the car was damaged overnight from 26 to 27 February.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to get in touch with Lerwick police station on telephone 101.

SHETLAND MSP Tavish Scott has urged the Scottish Government to get involved to help resolving the industrial dispute between Highlands and Islands Airports Limited and air traffic controllers to avoid strike action that could close Sumburgh and other airports on 26 April.

In parliament on Thursday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlined the public sector pay policy HIAL is bound by and encouraged the government own company to continue talks with the prospect union.

Scott said that was not good enough: “If this strike goes ahead it will seriously disrupt lifeline services to and from the isles, including patients who might have been awaiting vital medical appointments.

“HIAL is a government owned company so the government should be doing everything possible to prevent this from happening. The First Minister must instruct the Cabinet Secretary and his officials to explore all avenues to end this dispute.”

He added that strength of feeling amongst air traffic controllers was symptomatic of wider concerns regarding HIAL’s policies.

SHETLAND has its own, Iceland as well, and now the Faroe Islands are getting their own crime drama series set against a dramatic Nordic island background.

TROM revolves around the character of Hannis Martinsson, a journalist who discovers the body of an animal activist during a Faroese whale slaughter. The story shocks the remote island community that suddenly becomes a place where anyone can be suspected of murder.

TROM is created and written by Faroe Islander Torfinn Jákupsson and is inspired by books by Faroese author Jógvan Isaksen about investigative journalist Hannis Martinsson.

Production of the first eight episodes of TROM will start in 2020, each lasting between 45 and 55 minutes.