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Marine / ‘Boris, where’s your Russian sanctions?’ asks Altaire first mate
Updated Growing pressure on Faroe to stop Russian vessels fish off Shetland
Transport / Clear majority happy to pay tolls for using any tunnel that may be built in the future
Transport / Faroe flights not something on Loganair’s agenda
Community / Message in a bottle found 21 years after being sent from Faroe
Council / Shetland starts quest for more powers with online debateCouncil convener Malcolm Bell says local government has become nothing more than a ‘delivery arm of central government’
Living Lerwick - Spend at da Street - Win with Local Loyalty
Brexit / Fishing industry prepares for negotiating marathon ahead of Brexit
Brexit / Expectations high as UK and Faroe sign fisheries deal
Letters / An invitation to Faroe for a civilised dialogue about pilot whale hunting
Marine / Fine show of Faroe vessels in Lerwick harbourFlotilla commemorates 100 years of the Faroe flag
Marine / Historic Faroese fleet to sail to Lerwick
News round-up / Police investigate vandalism, air traffic controller strike concern, Faroese crime drama
Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022
Marine / Outcry over Faroese fishing rights
Space centre teams with Faroese Telecom
Faroe keen to bring high speed 5G to isles
Letters / Cruel and outdated practice
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