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Letters / Cruel and outdated practice

Faroese delegates will be visiting Shetland in early November to discuss their state-owned Faroese Telecom bringing fibre broadband and 5G to Unst ahead of the proposed spaceport (Renewed call for Norröna to return to isles; SN, 18/10/2018).

During the Faroese delegates visit, Shetland Islands Council transport committee chairman Ryan Thomson said the time is right to re-open discussions with operator Smyril Line about reinstating Shetland in its timetable.

Although Thomson’s motivation to reinstate the Smyril Line ferry Norröna to again stop in Shetland on its weekly route from Denmark to Faroe and onto Iceland is purely commercial and has merit, could he please challenge the Faroese delegates about their islands’ abhorrent annual practice of killing hundreds of pilot whales and dolphins in a cruel bloodlust in the name of so-called tradition?

There are thousands of people worldwide who are against this cruel and outdated practice.

If the Norröna did stop in Shetland I can assure Mr Thomson there are many people on Shetland and visitors who would avoid Faroe and such a ferry as a matter of principle.

Kerrie Meyer