Letters / An invitation to Faroe for a civilised dialogue about pilot whale hunting

Some time ago Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton criticised the Faroe islanders for their pilot whale hunt, despite he has never been here. His decision was based on information delivered by Sea Shepherd. He has been invited to the islands to see for himself what he is criticising – free of charge.


Just the other day another person turned down an invitation to perform at a very popular outdoor concert, the G-festival, in the Faroe Islands. Lewis Capaldi was supposed to attend the festival, but he resigned and blamed the pilot whale hunt.

His information is likewise given by the same eco-terrorist group. Mr Capaldi, you are hereby also invited to the Faroe Islands, free of charge, to see and learn for yourself what country and its people you condemn without having been here.

I could accept and even respect a decision based upon animal welfare, but it is hard to accept that argument, as pilot whaling is the fastest way of killing any mammal in the sea and on land.


The information given by Sea Shepard is biased, unreliable, and taken out of context by an organisation that is flourishing from income derived by telling lies about pilot whaling, and controlled by an unpredictable person, who founded Sea Shepherd after he was expelled from Greenpeace because of his rough methods.

His violent records around the globe are known to most people and can be seen in the following link: https://www.icrwhale.org/eng/history.pdf

Back to animal welfare: for 96 per cent of the world’s population meat is part of their diet. We keep animals in farms for only one purpose: to get meat for the wealthy ones in the Western part of the world while millions of people suffer from starvation and malnutrition.


Cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and other animals are kept in huge farms and fed to end up on the rich table to be washed down with a glass of exquisite wine. Their lives are, to say the least, miserable.

And yet, Mr Hamilton and Mr Capaldi, you do not hesitate to visit those countries with your sport or your music while animals are kept in inaccessible farms and then killed in closed abattoirs, while pilot whales spend their lives as free creatures before they are killed in open abattoirs where anyone can see it.

Sea Shepherd is a wealthy organisation with properties around the world. Their leader and his favored followers live enviable lives. During summer PW resides in a huge farm in Woodstock, Vermont, patrolling his land in a Dodge Ram, and he spends the winter in Friday Harbor.

He has spent his time in French castles, he has enjoyed “la vie agréable” by frequenting fashionable nightclubs along the Mediterranean, but only few people have ever seen Sea Shepherd’s financial accounting – the real one!

And yet his supporters follow him blindfolded. When will we ever learn? Facts about pilot whaling can be read here: https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2015/08/17/viewpoint-these-faroese-are-crazy/

Apparently lots of people in the so-called civilised world rather believe in and support misinformation, violence, terror, and threats rather than conduct a serious and civilised dialogue about the subject.

So, Mr Lewis Capaldi and Mr Lewis Hamilton, the invitation to visit the Faroe Islands free of charge is still valid.

Hans J. Hermansen