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Letters / Carmichael one of the Brexit saboteurs

I’m pleased to see Alistair Carmichael MP will present his views on Brexit at the Althing, on Saturday.

Hardly surprising that he intends to vote down prime minister May’s ‘deal’ negotiated with, or more accurately, imposed by the EU. Indeed, I have predicted this outcome, many times. Why so?

On 23 June 2016 the British electorate sent a clear instruction to government and parliament to take Britain out of the EU. The necessary legal actions were invoked and exit negotiations with the EU commenced.

However, from 24 June 2016 onwards Mr Carmichael and his London LibDem colleagues have campaigned flat-out to overthrow that democratic decision. They (and others) have consistently undermined our negotiators by traipsing around Brussels, “colluding with a foreign power” on how best to wreck Brexit and back home, campaigning for a second referendum to annul the 2016 People’s Vote.

As recently as 25 October, during the closing days of the negotiations, LibDem leader Vince Cable and a group of other anti-Brexit MPs attended a meeting with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier. Liberal Democrats Voice reported their statement:

“In a…. meeting with Michel Barnier, we emphasised that there is a cross-party resistance in Westminster to the destructive Brexit being pursued by the Tories…. (and)….. no majority exists in Parliament for the current Brexit trajectory.”

“…. we pointed out to Mr Barnier that there is a genuine cross-party consensus that our exit from the European Union must not be assumed.”

Now, I’m just a country boy not a big city lawyer and politician however, to me, this type of behaviour during the climax of crucial negotiations on the future of our country is profoundly shocking. Shocking and scandalous. What kind of an offer might we expect following such deliberate sabotage? Why, exactly the kind we got, of course, literally “unacceptable”.

Little wonder then that Mr Carmichael and the London LibDems feel “compelled”, gleefully to vote it down.

In the likely event of parliament rightly sending Mrs May and her negotiators away with a flea in their ear, Labour will push for the General Election they expect to propel them into government, while Brexit saboteurs will try to force the holding of a second referendum which they hope will annul the 2016 People’s Vote.  Party before country, every time!

In such circumstances, Althing attendees on Saturday night may be interested to hear Mr Carmichael’s justification for retaining the word ‘Democrats’ in his party’s name?

John Tulloch