CAB - 7 Oct 2020 - 10 Oct 2020 - Advice

Letters / Return Norrona investment for MRI money

I see that the committee for raising the money to buy the MRI scanner is due to meet the Charitable Trust in order to request funding from the oil money held in the Shetland folks name, and this is an encouraging development.

Before they get down to business, I would like to point out that the money does not have to come out of the £300 million reserve fund. What needs to be done is to get back the millions from Smyril Line that was given to them to facilitate a regular stop in the Norrona’s schedule for Lerwick.

No sooner had the money been handed over, Smyril Line then dropped Lerwick from the itinerary. Pay for the scanner from this and put the remainder back in the fund. We see nothing from this investment anyway, and we shouldn’t be subsidising Smyril Line or the Faroese folk when we in Shetland have a great need tor this piece of equipment. There, problem solved.

Geoff McCarron