Apology needed

I think that Sean Whyte (Isles marine litter ‘worst in the world’; SN, 03/07/2018) should visit the opticians.

Living in Royal Bath he must have to travel the motorways and trunk roads of glorious England.

When he obtains his new spectacles he should look out the window of his car (or landau) and observe the many thousand cans, crisp packets, assorted plastic bags cups and containers that cover the roadside verges in his English countryside.

In Shetland our verges are covered in wild flowers, not McDonald, Wimpy and Gregg packaging.

I appeal to the SIC planners not to allow McDonalds to open in Shetland.

Shetland proudly has its own flag flying, whereas in Sean Whyte’s idyllic south the roadside trees and bushes are flying plastic bags.

Come on Whyte; give a full and very humble apology to the people of Shetland.

Mark Carr