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Tranquility boosts confident whitefish fleet

The Tranquliity arriving at Whalsay on Sunday. Photos: Ivan Reid

THE SKIPPER of Shetland’s latest addition to its whitefish fleet says he is confident that he and his partners had made the investment into the new vessel at exactly the right moment in time.

Stuart Anderson and his Tranquility crew arrived with the new vessel at her home port of Symbister on Sunday afternoon after successful sea and fishing trials at the Danish shipyard in Hvide Sande.

The new Tranquility LK63 replaces the partnership’s previous 32 year old vessel of the same name, which is now in the process of being sold to an Irish company to work as a guard vessel in offshore wind farms.

Anderson said the new trawler was built following a similar design previously used on the Peterhead based Tranquility PD36 as well as the Boy Andrew WK170.

With an overall length of 27.5 metres and an eight metre beam, Tranquility is powered by a 900 horsepower strong Mitsubishi engine.

Representing an investment of £3 million, the vessel is privately financed through bank loans and is owned by its six strong crew plus the LHD, which is also a shareholder.

“Hopefully Brexit will be good for us. The last few years at the fishing went very well, and good prices made a big difference,” Stuart said.

The Tranquility crew are (left to right): Robbie Jamieson, John Johnson, George Eunson, Chris Shearer, skipper Stuart Anderson and 2nd skipper David Reid.

He said they were planning to be back to Lerwick on Thursday for final preparations before heading for the fishing grounds for the first time on Saturday.

“With the new vessel everything should be a lot easier and saver,” he said.

Shetland Fishermen’s Association chief officer Simon Collins said the new high-tech vessel was something the isles should be proud of.

The arrival of the new vessel in Whalsay on Sunday was warmly welcomed by the local community.

North isles councillor Duncan Simpson said he was delighted to see another new whitefish trawler arrive in the island.

“The large scale investment going on in Shetland’s fleet is surely a sign of confidence in the industry. Long may it continue. Congratulations, and good fishing to the crew,” he said.