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‘Full steam ahead’ for new pizzeria

Pizzeria entrepreneur Henry MacColl is confident to have the eatery open before Christmas. Photo: Hans J Marter/Shetland News

BUILDING work on a long-awaited Italian restaurant half way between Voe and Brae finally got underway on Tuesday.

Local businessman Henry (Francesco) MacColl hit the headlines in November 2015 after planners initially refused to grant him permission to build a 24-seat eatery opposite his home at Parkgate.

Officers said MacColl’s proposal would encourage car usage and would therefore contribute to climate change.

Following a public outcry and an appeal to overturn the decision, MacColl finally got the green light for his venture from the Shetland Islands Council’s planning review board two years ago.

Following a number of setbacks and rumours that the project would not happen, it has taken MacColl until now to commence with his venture.

Speaking on Tuesday afternoon while the digging of the foundation was underway, MacColl, whose mother hails from Naples, said he has always had the desire to have an authentic Italian eatery for Shetland customers.

“The drive was always there,” he said. “The oven is here, shipped over from Verona in Italy.

“We are now working to get the foundation in, put the oven in and build the kit around it. Full steam ahead!”

MacColl said he was hopeful to be able to open Enrico’s Cuccina di Napoli pizzeria before Christmas, and added that he was ready to take bookings.