Letter / A big thank you

Friday (12 January) is my last day as the meter reader for SSE (Scottish Hydro) and I thought it fitting to write a little letter to the public of Shetland.

 I would just like to say a big thank you to most of the people I have met in that time, who gave me access to their electricity meters. However I would like to say a huge thank you to those special few who made my life that little richer and interesting. From small acts of generosity, such as offering me tea and coffee, to those who actively made my job easier i.e. the great people who took me round empty houses (particularly in Bressay) or gave me keys for access to properties that they look after.

There are also a few, without mentioning names (but hopefully you’ll know who you are) I would like to pick out. There is a lovely couple who live at the South Whiteness junction who welcomed me in and talked about his service in the Suez crisis, you made my day that day.

Also, the couple in North Roe who gave me a brew and chat just before Christmas when it was freezing; it was very appreciated. The gentleman at Sandveien who was in the RAF and coastguard who spoke to me about his service and lent me some books (I promise I’ll return them).

The four separate people who showed me their beloved collections of Classic cars and motorbikes, you found my soft spot!

The list goes on and on so to those not mentioned; don’t feel left out, I thank you all.

During a couple of years where a few horrible people have really brought me down and made me miserable, you have been the light that shows these people are a minority and the disparity between good and bad people is huge. THANK YOU.

Spencer Truman
Wester Skeld