Letters / Brexit ‘may’ offer a Sea of Opportunity

I have thought long and hard about the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation Brexit pledge and I am prepared to commit to the following amended version:

As a candidate in the General Election I pledge my support to the following declaration:

Brexit may offer ‘Sea of Opportunity’ for fishing communities the length and breadth of the country.
“We must maximise this opportunity for the benefit of the UK fishing industry – processors, hauliers and fishmongers as well as those at sea – and for consumers.
“We urge the industry and Government to work together to establish a sensible, practicable new fisheries management regime for the post-Brexit era.”
“Access to our fishing grounds should be an issue for post-Brexit negotiations when we have become a Coastal State.”


However, I believe it is very important that any new management regime is strong on environmental protection.

I also believe that whilst our fishing industry may benefit from a post-Brexit deal (though this is by no means certain), this will be outweighed by negative consequences felt in other areas of our communities, hence my continued belief that we would be better within the EU, CFP notwithstanding.

However, we are where we are in terms of Brexit and were I to represent Orkney and Shetland my role and that of the Labour Party would be to ensure that all elements of our communities fare as well as possible in any negotiations, and ultimately have a say on any final deal.

Robina Barton
Labour Candidate for the Orkney and Shetland seat