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Letters / Positive feedback

Following the Scottish Parliamentary elections last week I would like to thank everyone involved, everyone who opened their doors to me, everyone who did such a great job at the count and everyone who voted, for making it such a positive event.

I want to congratulate Tavish for his resounding success. I also want to congratulate Danus and Cameron for running good campaigns – I enjoyed all the debates and other activities we shared.

My agent Gordon Thomson and the members of Shetland Constituency Labour Party worked really hard on our campaign and I was very pleased with how it went.

I must also thank Scottish Labour for all their support and fellowship.

Although the main competition in Shetland this time was between the Liberal Democrats and the SNP, I received positive feedback throughout the campaign and was glad to build slightly on the number of votes we received in the last Scottish elections.

Nationally, Scottish Labour obviously have work to do to convince the electorate but their message in this election was clear.

Scottish Labour want to use the Scottish Parliament’s new powers of taxation to create a fairer society and invest in vital public services.

I look forward to helping to build the Labour Party locally, in Scotland and in the UK over the next weeks and months because their values are very close to my heart.

Robina Barton
Shetland Labour candidate