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Loganair plane lands on one engine

The aircraft was surrounded by fire engines were coming to a standstill on the runway at 9.45pm on Wednesday - Photo: Ronnie Robertson

A FULL emergency was declared at Sumburgh Airport on Wednesday evening when a Loganair plane with 49 people on board had to land on one engine.

The Saab 2000, which had left Aberdeen two hours behind schedule, landed safely at 9.30pm but passengers had to leave the aircraft while it was still on the runway surrounded by fire engines.

Loganair said on Thursday morning that the crew had declared a MayDay after the captain had received a fire caution indication from the portside engine, which was then shut down as a precaution.

“Passengers were briefed by the crew ahead of landing and the aircraft touched down safely.

“Emergency crews met the Saab 2000 aircraft to carry out an external inspection of the engine on the runway as is procedure. No traces of fire or any other damage were found,” a company spokesman said.

“Everyone on board disembarked the aircraft calmly and without incident. A bus was arranged to take the passenger to the terminal and our engineers are inspecting the aircraft.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said it was alerted at 9.20pm and immediately mobilised three appliances from Sandwick and Lerwick of which two were stood down before reaching the airport.

Passenger Robert McMillan said the pilot had shut down the engine on approach to Sumburgh and then circled for 20 minutes before landing.

“There was a bit of a rush to get off the plane, which was surrounded by fire engines when we got off.

“I can only assume there was some kind of engine fire or something but we were not told the reason for the engine shut down except to say a warning light had come on,” he said.