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Letters / A local shop is for life

In response to Vic Thomas’ letter Failed Supermarkets (SN, 27/11/14), as a local retailer I am delighted that Mr Thomas has seen the light that many others discovered some time ago.

Our shop is regularly filled with local people who take advantage of what their local shop has to offer.

We are extremely grateful for every penny they spend with us, supporting their neighbours in jobs, not just in the shop, but also at the cash and carries and other suppliers around the islands.

Are we the cheapest on the islands? No. It would be impossible for any local grocer to be the cheapest for everything and that includes Tesco and Co-op.

Local shops offer great value for money where they can, most of the time they are cheaper than the supermarkets, and we have fantastic staff who work really hard to ensure that the money customers spend is kept local.

How sad then that Mr Thomas suggests

“The days of getting a full shopping basket from the two failed supermarkets seem to have gone, at least for the moment – so now is the time to check out our local shops.”

Local shops (not just grocers but all local retailers) should NEVER be someone’s second choice. Furthermore ‘at least for the moment?’ it’s nice to know we are simply there for Mr Thomas’ convenience until his favourite supermarket returns to his good books when he will gladly abandon us once again.

When you consider the good that local shops do in their communities by hosting community noticeboards, funeral notices, giving directions to delivery drivers and visitors, charity collection points and so on the old mantra of ‘use them or lose them’ could not be more true and should be ringing loudly in the ears of everyone on these islands not just when the Co-op and Tesco make the weekly shop an absolute nightmare through their consistent failure to please.

Supermarkets – sending your money elsewhere. Local shops – we’re keeping your money in your communities.

‘A local shop is for life not just for Christmas’ would perhaps be a better way of phrasing Mr Thomas’ letter.

Scott Preston