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Letters / Don’t need Wikipedia

In response to letter Long overdue (SN; 18/03/14):

Dear Wikipedia, I really don’t need ya, to write my doggerel attack,

As together we’re better, and I’ll write any letter, right on Douglas Young’s back,

To this guy called Bill Hall, not the star of baseball, just a clod from Spain in the south,

In Torre del Mar, a town with a spa, where an ad hominem pours out of his mouth,

He offers us words, often spoken by nerds, or by dummies with nought better to say,

His mind it meanders, thinks I’m Stephanie Flanders, a respected economist, hooray,

I just goes to show, it’s not just what you know, it’s what you think and speak that matters,

For in this free land, and free speech as my brand, I can rip what Bill Hall says to tatters.

Gordon Harmer,