Ivan’s second naked calendar

A SHETLAND photographer is on target to donate around £25,000 to two local charities as his second naked calendar is already flying off the shelves.

Ivan Hawick said he have had no difficulties finding his more than 70 local volunteers who all happily posed for the cheeky project.

Priced at £10, around 3,000 copies of the 2013 calendar have gone on sale across the isles this week.


Three years ago Hawick hit the national headlines when his 2010 calendar featured 12 carefully choreographed scenes at distinctive Shetland locations.

Since then, he said, his phone hasn’t stop ringing with people pleading for him to embark on another naked calendar project.

“Tons of people told me they would strip naked for me if I would do another calendar. So I thought I might as well,” he said.

But what comes across as a light hearted and fun-filled venture is in fact hard work that needs a lot of preparation.


“A shot where you have ten people in it requires a hell of a lot of preparation. It takes forever sometimes to get one photo done. The weather might not be right, or you go to a location and then there are people there, and you don’t get it done,” he said.

August 2013 - all Photos: Ivan Hawick

Hawick has been working on the 13 photos in the calendar since beginning of the year and even had to cheat a wee bit, due to the lack of snow last winter.

The calendar is expected to gross £30,000. Deducting the cost for design, printing and shipping, he is confident that he will have around £25,000 to share between the MS Society, Shetland branch, and the local mental health charity Mind Your Head.

The calendar is available from the Sound Service Station, Harry’s Department Store, J.J. Taylor’s and Alex Morrison’s in Lerwick, as well as the majority of the country shops.

They will also be on sale this weekend at the Shetland Arts and Crafts Christmas Craft Fair, at the Clickimin Leisure Centre.