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Letters / Message to all trustees

Dear trustees,

Prior to Thursday’s meeting of the Shetland Charitable Trust, I urge you all, as guardians of resources pledged to the people of Shetland, to vote against further investment in the Viking Energy wind farm project.

I believe that the project flies in the face of the wishes of far too many islanders and will cause direct hardship – physical (health), psychological, aesthetic and financial – to a significant number. In addition to this, the project remains far too risky with many important unanswered questions which impinge on the outcomes as they have been forecasted and promoted.

You are looking at a gamble not a certainty. Gambles can pay-off, but more often than not the stake is lost. This is fine if you are using your own money, but not if you are using the inheritance of the people of Shetland.

Think of the bankers’ scandal.  Think of all the ‘fail-safe’ money-making schemes (scams) that land in your ‘in-box’ or drop onto your doorstep, accompanied by that loud mental ‘warning bell.’ You can hear yourself saying. “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is just that.”

Now apply the same common sense to the VE proposals and try to see past the flashing pound signs.

Act in haste on Thursday and repent at leisure with much on your conscience.

You all know the arguments on both sides of the debate well enough, without me reiterating them here.

There is a strong political agenda driving this magic money-making machine. It is offering us all rose tinted spectacles in the guise of artificial expectations fuelled by unrealistic subsidies. We all know that will end – probably sooner rather than later. We can only speculate as to the effect that this will have on investments.

When politicians try to pick winners, historically and statistically they pick losers.

Food for thought perhaps; I hope to witness your deliberations tomorrow and hope for a vote based on hard facts not opportunism.

Mike Bennett