Letters / It’s all about making money

Recently in Shetland Times reader’s comments Susan Bowie seemed to imply that any opposition to the wind farm was detrimental to Shetland in terms of jobs, money and uncertainty.

Being on the naive side I still have difficulty in believing that supporters of the wind farm are genuinely quite happy to go along with the destruction of wildlife habitat, carbon sinks, landscape and people’s health.


Anything to do with green energy has long gone out the window and all we ever hear about now is how much money the wind farm will bring to the Shetland community.

I can’t believe that supporters of the Viking Energy wind farm have no concern for their fellow human being’s welfare therefore I am left to conclude that they are either not informed on this subject or ill advised about the enormity of the impact that this development will have on people with particular regards to their health.


People in Wisconsin, Maine, New York, Nova Scotia, Ontario, UK, Australia and New Zealand are all using almost identical language in describing the health problems turbines close to homes are causing.

Carl V. Phillips PhD states in his paper on wind turbines that: “There is overwhelming evidence that turbines cause serious health problems in nearby residents, usually stress related disease at a non-trivial rate.”

If supporters are aware of this and still think it is the right thing to do, do not tell me your support for Viking Energy is for any altruistic reasons.  This is all about making money.

People affected by this development have every right to defend themselves and their property against a project which is irresponsibly oversized and in the wrong place.

The Caithness wind farm was recently refused permission by the Scottish Ministers partly because of its proximity to dwellings.  Viking Energy was given permission regardless of this, so does this mean that Shetlanders’ lives and quality of life are somehow inferior to the folk in Caithness?

Evelyn Morrison