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Candidates / Jim Henry

jim henry
Jim Henry
Lerwick South

About me

I was born in Burra and moved to Lerwick with my family in 1973. We had a house built in Murrayston and have lived there ever since.

I have worked in both industry and local government having served on numerous committees including Lerwick Port Authority, Sound Community Association, Shetland Health Council, Shetland Amenity Trust, Hjaltland Housing Association and also on Sound School Parent Council (second term).

I have plenty of hands on experience of industry and public life, and if elected will work hard for the folk of Lerwick South as well as the Shetland community as a whole.

If elected

I will work to solve the concerns expressed to me by local residents, which include:
• Traffic calming near primary schools
• Difficulties experienced by parents with babies in pushchairs crossing the main road. We need pedestrian crossings in this densely populated area
• New housing schemes should not proceed without proper consultation
• Seafield and Sea Road and pavements in general need improvement
• Concern is expressed at the possibility of cutting the senior citizens Christmas bonus
• Shetland charitable funds should be available for those in need

The local authority has an important role to play in creating the climate in which new industries and services can prosper.

The consequences of the run down at Sullom and the job losses in the fishing industry will take time to filter through into the economy. All the more reason for the Council to be actively engaged with the industry leaders in planning the future.

Inshore fisheries should be managed at a local level. Management NEAR the resource is always the most EFFICIENT.

The tourist industry has the potential to expand, our differences and natural resources need to be promoted, in an extended season. Stop denigrating our weather, tourists rarely mention this.

The two adult training colleges need to further coordinate their activities, and deliver a more comprehensive range of courses.

In Shetland we should give careful thought to the wellbeing of the pupils in providing primary schools.

Secondary schools outside Lerwick should be retained whenever possible, with a gradual decrease in bussing pupils to Lerwick.

Rebuild the High School on the present Clickimin site with little or no disruption to pupils or neighbours.

The subjects touched upon above are a small part of the Council’s work, its primary role must always be linked to its statutory obligations.

I will be standing as an Independent for the Lerwick South ward at the Council election in May 2012.

I consider that my experience as a ward councillor with my knowledge, gained while working for the local authority, an advantage in making decisions in the more difficult times ahead.

I also believe that in a relatively small local authority we must work together, with less money at the Council’s disposal, all the effort must be directed towards the good of the community, not a time of political infighting.

Contact details
17 Murrayston, Lerwick
Phone 01595 694621