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allan wishart

Allan Wishart
Lerwick North

About me

Born and bred a Shetlander, I worked abroad in banking before returning to this country to work in the oil industry. I then became Chief Executive of Lerwick Port Authority for 15 years until elected to Shetland Islands Council in 2007.

Learning about the way the council works has given me valuable experience in local government.

I have held the position of:

Chairman of the Council’s Infrastructure Committee, now Environment and Transport Committee

Chairman of the Shetland Transport Partnership – ZetTrans

Chairman of Shetland College

I have also worked for Viking Energy.

My greatest satisfaction has been in helping people with housing, transport and schools issues. With that in mind I’d like to use the knowledge I’ve gained to push ahead with improvements on the issues that are important for the community.

The main issues that people in Lerwick and Bressay have told me about are:

• Housing – provision of quality affordable housing is the top priority
• Schools – a new Anderson High School must get underway during the next Council
• Transport – improve public and school bus services
• Bressay Tunnel – explore every possible source of funding and get on with it!
• And recently – The Freefield Centre Keep it Open Campaign!

And there will no doubt be other issues that arise in the future, just as there have been over the last five years.

I would very much like to work on these important aspects of life in Lerwick
North and Bressay endeavouring to bring them to completion.

Shetland’s future is in your hands when you vote in the Council election on 3 May 2012.

I would like to represent you on the Council to help shape Shetland’s future.

Shetland is an exciting and challenging place to live. I believe we have great opportunities ahead of us when we look at the oil and gas industry commitment to Sullom Voe, the growth in white fish and aquaculture activity, the huge potential in offshore decommissioning and in renewables.

These activities will continue to give us job and career opportunities, the ability to care for the elderly and less fortunate and provide a first class education for Shetland’s children.

Councillors have a big responsibility to ensure that Shetland makes the most of every opportunity. Being a councillor for the past five years has been a very busy and rewarding experience.


I am a supporter of the wind farm project. It holds the key to a new generation of opportunities for Shetland in wind, wave and tidal renewables as well as offshore wind.

Employment, social care, education, transport, arts and leisure could all benefit hugely from the extra resources renewables can bring particularly when otherwise we
face the prospect of cuts in public spending.

I will, if elected, take account of your views and also have the courage and determination to take the right decisions for the long term good of Shetland, in a balanced, honest and responsible manner.

Contact details
Mobile 07767 600523
Email aswishart@aol.com