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john hunter

John Hunter
Shetland Central

I have lived in the Central ward since 1978, first in Tingwall, then Scalloway where I live now with my family.

I am an accountant currently working for myself part time. My experience covers the public sector, private sector and voluntary sector.

I have been a member of many voluntary bodies in Shetland over the past 25 years. Currently I am chairman of the Shetland Bus Friendship Society, a director of Voluntary Action Shetland, and a member of the supervisory committee of Shetland Islands Credit Union.

My motto for this campaign is: “It doesn’t matter where you have come from; it’s where you’re going that matters.” Shetland has been a wonderful place to live, work, play and do business in. Let’s keep it that way.

The incoming council will have to manage the legacy left by the previous one. There should be no place for members who wish to follow their own agendas just because it suits them. Team work is a must from day one and I will be on the team.

The council will have to live with the cuts approved by the previous one. We need fiscal responsibility in the SIC, but I undertake to see that that the less privileged members of our society do not lose out.

There will be no prestige schemes. I want this council’s legacy to be an SIC that serves its people efficiently and effectively, not a collection of monuments.

Education will be an important issue for the new council. The Blueprint for Education will be revisited. I can see no point in closing any more small primary schools. In particular the idea of a super primary at Scalloway is a non-starter. Instead a use must be found for the redundant secondary department that will add value to the village.

The SIC must continue to support traditional industries. They have supported us through hard times and have adapted to the modern world.

I am an approachable person and I will be available to speak to constituents however it suits them, whether face to face, letter, phone or email.

Contact details
Phone 01595 880408
Mobile 07748 886524
Email john@ze1associates.co.uk