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Candidates / Danus Skene

danus skene
Danus Skene
Lerwick North

Your Choice, Your Voice

I live in Lerwick. A “voluntary Shetlander”, my childhood was on a Fife farm.

I was first a civil servant, then had a full career as a teacher and in schools senior management, mainly in Moray and Perthshire. I ended my teaching career by managing a school in Kenya.

I then joined the Board of the SQA — the “Exam Board” – to help it to recover from its catastrophic failure in 2000.

I have been a Councillor before – as an Independent in Perth & Kinross, in the 1980s. I have also been a candidate for Parliament, the last time being in Moray in 1987, for the LibDems.

I recently joined the Board of Shetland Arts, determined to make a success of Mareel. I do some volunteer work in Shetland, and run my own small charity supporting the work of schools in Kenya. I contribute regularly to the Shetland Times.

Experience and Competence

In Shetland, we can do better. We can manage our community’s life and our resources more fairly, more efficiently, and more openly.

I believe that I have the necessary experience of management and of public service to offer myself as a candidate for the Council. On this sheet I list what for me are some of the key priorities for Shetland. If you agree with me, then vote for me.

Why stand for the SNP?

Two basic reasons

• I believe that Scottish independence will be good for Shetland, giving us the chance to secure better government of our community. I want to work for better relations between Shetland and the Scottish Government to secure the best deal for Shetland. Shetland’s autonomy should be written into a future Scottish constitution.

• I am happy to commit myself to the policies of the SNP, designed as they are to promote a fairer and more enterprising society. I commit myself to the high standards of conduct in public life that the SNP rightly demands.

Managing The Cuts

As we get SIC’s finances back into sustainable balance, we must not destroy our ability to pick up the pace again when the national economy recovers and/or when west side oil flows through Sullom in new quantities. The jobs of skilled people must be protected as best we can.

In facing up to inevitable cuts in the SIC budget, my priorities are:

• inform and consult at all stages;
• protect services for the most vulnerable, especially the elderly and those with severe difficulties;
• keep staff, especially “front line”;
• if a saving must be made, cut the quantity of a service, not its quality.

I am committed to the building of a new Anderson High School. It is beyond belief that nobody at SIC talked to the Scottish Government about finance for this before a few short months back. I will work to get a move on with an efficient building process.

Schools management used to be my job. In managing the most efficient schools system that we can, it is the interests of the children that come first. To provide appropriate support for those with individual needs is a top priority.

Everything possible must be done to support the College in providing the skills that Shetland needs and to support the young (and not so young!) in attending.

Shetland needs 1000 more houses, mostly in or near Lerwick, and with an emphasis on affordability. Good housing for rent is especially necessary. My priority is to achieve at least 100 affordable houses a year. We must fight fuel poverty.

On the link to Aberdeen, we need year-round daily service, and we need freight boats that are fit for purpose. Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) is not a solution for Shetland : it destroys price competition, and something better is possible. I stand for working with the Scottish Government to secure a contract that gives better value for money than the present £40 million subsidy.

The Elderly
Maintaining a high standard of affordable care for our elderly who need support is THE top priority in the face of cuts. It is by how it cares for and honours its older people that a community can be judged as civilised.

Contact details
Phone 01595 690839
Mobile 07762 166444
Email  dgms@hotmail.co.uk