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Candidates / Amanda Westlake

amanda westlake
Amanda Westlake
Lerwick South

Why am I standing for Council?

I believe that I have the ability to help the next council make some important decisions on Education, Social Care, moving forward with Sustainable Development and a positive outlook for Shetland and renewable energy.

I feel that matters left from the last outgoing council, such as the new high school, school closures, cuts for music development and increased costs in music tuition must be revisited.

It is imperative to protect and nurture Shetland’s greatest assets, our children, the vulnerable and our aging residents. I feel there is room in the voluntary sector to take over areas such as the Freefield Centre to build and run them better for all concerned.

Housing needs to be addressed – with over 700 people on the waiting list it is time to tackle these issues and make positive improvements.

Maintaining Shetland’s culture and heritage must be a priority, to preserve the unique environment of Shetland, land and sea, flora and fauna, while balancing changes in the economy.

There is a need to attract new external expenditure into the area to maintain the service economy and provide new job opportunities for the future. Equilibrium must be met between the private and public sector for the economic development of Shetland’s future.

I feel that Shetland has a right to fair treatment from the Scottish Government with its transport ferry links from Lerwick and the UK mainland, this service is our life line.

A bit about me

My name is Amanda Westlake and I write to ask you to vote for me at the council elections on 3 May 2012.

I was born in Lerwick in 1971 as Amanda Hawick and brought up in Lerwick, where I attended Bell’s Brae Primary School and the Anderson High School.

I worked in Environmental Health for 11 years before I moved to Aberdeen to take up full time study at The Robert Gordon University. My Masters Degree in International Tourism Management was titled Eco- Friendly Accommodation and Sustainable Tourism in the Shetland Islands. During my time in Aberdeen I started my own tourism business, www.blyde-tae.bide.co.uk and was appointed as a Project Manager for Scottish Enterprise.

I returned to Shetland in 2010 with my one year old son and worked in the social care sector. I currently work for Voluntary Action Shetland supporting Disability Shetland.

Throughout the last year I was elected on the Shetland Tourism Association committee and the Lerwick Community Council, as well as becoming a member in the Islesburgh Drama Group.

I have previously stood for a complete term with the Shetland Children’s Panel. I also stood on several committees while working for SE as a Project Manager for Aberdeen City and Shire then Scotland, during that time I also worked as an independent business consultant in the business tourism sector.

I believe that:

* councillors should be open and honest and should listen to you;

* councillors should be accountable for their actions;

* councillors should act as your voice for what you feel is important;

* councillors should encourage inward investment and business growth to keep the Shetland Economy a prosperous place to live and work;

* councillors should understand local issues and be committed to make important decisions for Shetland’s future;

* councillors should concentrate on stabilising Shetland’s finances and look positively to improving:

– Education
– Social Care
– Housing
– Culture and Heritage
– Transport
– Sustainable Development

“I feel dat wir bairns have da right tae a positive future in Shetland”

Once every four years you have the opportunity to have your say in who runs our local affairs.

Please use your vote – because you really can make all the difference to a more positive Shetland.

We live in interesting times at the moment with an independent Scotland becoming a possibility. Shetland needs clear and positive political leadership at this time, in order to secure more legislative powers for our Island.

My Personal Commitment to you is:

If elected, as an independent, I will be your voice, I will listen to your views and act in your best interests for Lerwick South and Shetland.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss issues that are important to you.

I do hope you will give me your 1 vote on your ballot paper on 3 May 2012.

Thank you

Contact details

Amanda Westlake BA MSc MREHIS MTMI MTS
Email: amanda.westlake@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07886 914209
Telephone: 01595 696537