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gary cleaver

Gary Cleaver
North Isles

I live on Unst with my wife Jane. We came to Shetland five years ago. Together we run a small textile crafts business.

Like many other households in the North Isles we also have part time jobs. Jane is a receptionist at the health centre and I work for the Royal Mail, as a relief postie. I have a background in the building trade and I worked for 10 years as a heavy goods lorry driver.

If elected, I am committed to opposing the loss of Council services in the North Isles.

Our rural communities are already disadvantaged when accessing employment and services. We need to have control over our future, not the constant drawing of resources to Lerwick.

A cut is not just a reduction in service. It is a job cut. Many of those facing the threat of redundancy are part time or on the lowest pay grades. School cleaners and classroom assistants, care workers, maintenance and road crews. These people provide essential services for their communities. It is what holds us together. Many households rely on part time jobs to provide a decent standard of living. The loss would have a ripple effect throughout rural communities.

Council spending must reduce, but not by lay offs. Reduce the addiction to consultants. Reduce expensive litigation. Reduce vanity projects.

The closure of the Freight Centre, which represents a tiny saving to the Council’s budget, will cause huge damage to North Isles businesses. They need a central hub where goods can be held awaiting collection and distribution.

The proposal to charge young people for the AHS hostel is almost beyond belief. They are in receipt of a state education, not a private one. Parents should not be asked to pay for family separation.

The withdrawal of meals on wheels and a reduction in home help is about more than feeding and cleaning. It’s about dignity and independence.

The North Isles must have:

• Good Transport Links.
• Good Local Schools.
• Investment In People.
• Investment In Business.
• Investment In Infrastructure.
• Investment In The Future.

There are tough choices to be made.
Make sure your voice is heard.
Vote on Thursday 3 May.

Contact details
Phone 01957 711801
Email hillsgarth@gmail.com